A healthy family through omegas

Published: June 4th, 2023 | by Alexandra Leon

Times are changing and our diet is too. Gone are the times of simple nutrition, abundant in fish, seeds and nuts that provided us with the essential fats so important to our health. Fortunately, Nutripur offers us better quality omegas to fill this alarming lack.

Have you noticed how many children are now hyperactive and have concentration or memory problems? Do you know how many of them start, taking addictive methylphenidate as soon as they enter school and will continue for the vast majority of their lives? Have you noticed that more and more adults have depressions, cholesterol or hypertension, are not able to concentrate and have memory loss? Indeed, cultural food changes have caused many problems in our society.

The human brain is made up of more than 60% fat, much of it omega-3. Know that the body is unable to produce these Omega-3s, these must come from our diet and nutritional supplements. Without these essential fats, the brain can’t function as it should. Research done on the effect of omega on our bodies has shown promising results on several system of the human body. These include helping with cardiovascular issues, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, skin problems, brain function, infant growth, Immune function and cancer prevention.

Beneficial effects on your health

Nutripur’s omega formulas are fundamental to the health of the entire family. From Mom & Baby to GENIUS liquide, GENIUS capsules and now GENIUS Adult, Nutripur encourages the maintenance of optimal cognitive functions throughout the ages. Its formulas provide the perfect balance to promote memory, concentration, vision, hearing and decreasing anxiety. Genius allows children to perform better at school by keeping them calm, awake and less anxious.

Superior quality constantly tested

Since Omega-3 originates mainly from fish, such as sardines, mackerel, anchovies and tuna. Nutripur requires high quality, one of the criteria being that the oils come from fish caught in cold and deep waters. All Nutripur fish oils have been purified to remove contaminants and heavy metals and are tested to the highest standards and standards in the world.

Give yourself the chance and your children to have a better quality of life, renewed hope and self-confidence to succeed in today’s world. A physical and mental harmony found and at hand.

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