Are you experiencing joint pain?

Published: October 1st, 2023 | by Alexandra Leon

Joints are composed of three parts: bones, synovial fluid and an encompassing capsule that hold it all together. The reason why joints tend to be painful is due to the lack of proper fluid within the articulation. In addition, a hydrated joint is crucial for the resiliency and elasticity of the capsule holding the joint together. By keeping your joints lubricated, the small nerve endings that are present in the joint are less likely to be irritated with each movement.

Why is Glucosamine crucial in eliminating joint pain?

Proteoglycans are small proteins that enable the water to stay within the joint and is the main reason why joints stay lubricated. In order to produce this essential proteoglycan protein, glucosamine needs to be present. Actually it has been shown that the lack of glucosamine is the limiting factor in proteoglycan production!

Why ArtiFlex?

This unique formula contains glucosamine from natural sources which means it is more easily absorbable. In addition, it also contains chondroitin, hydrolysed collagen, devil’s claw and calcium, all essential ingredients that not only relieves pain but protects against cartilage deterioration while maintaining healthy bones, joints and cartilage.

For general pain relief try Inflammatol!

Formulated with all natural ingredients this formula is an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Relieves all types of pain such as joint pain, back pain, muscle pain, menstrual pain, headaches and fever associated with colds. Fast-acting relief.

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