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GENIUS – Cognitive Health Formula

Significantly Improves Concentration and Memory. Noticeable results.

Inspired by our widely popular GENIUS Kids & Teens, introducing the adult version, GENIUS Cognitive Health.

Boosts brain capacities, work performance and clear thinking

Supports brain functions such as memory, comprehension and problem solving capacities.

Prevents age-related cognitive decline.

Improves concentration in adults suffering from Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and ADHD.

GENIUS Kids & Teens – Liquid

Significantly improves concentration and school performance. Noticeable improvements.

The most effective formula to improve concentration, memory and general cognitive functions in children and teenagers.

Clinically proven to help manage attention and hyperactivity in children suffering with ADD/ADHD.

Award winning taste. Easy to take.

RELAX-LT – Stress Formula with L-Theanine and Magnesium

Stress - Nervousness - Agitation

This synergistic herbal formula reduces anxieties and relieves stress by naturally calming the nervous system.

SOMEROL Sleep Formula with Magnesium

Promotes Deep, Easy and Uninterrupted Sleep

For a deep and easy sleep with no interruptions.