Silica and its disciples to the rescue of the damaged hair

Published: June 4th, 2023 | by Alexandra Leon

Damaged hair

Warm weather brings all kinds of joy: vacation, pleasant temperature and plenty of chances to practice your favourite sports. After a long and cold winter like the one we had this year, summer came as a welcome relief.

Naturally, however, there is always a catch. Regular visits to the pool or the beach – if you’re lucky – as well as playing certain sports can damage your hair and your nails. The sun’s rays can also dry your skin, even after you apply sunscreen. Split ends and dull looking hair are a common sight. So don’t bother crying over your glamorous hair that once was, just follow some useful tips.

If you have split ends or hair that is brittle at the tip, a lack of sebaceous secretions might be to blame. In this case, you should watch what you eat and opt for foods that are rich in B vitamins and biotin, zinc and iron.

You should also be very careful with chemical substances in your hair. Always opt for gentler shampoos that are made from natural ingredients, and try to wash your hair only once a week. Shea and palm oil are very effective for covering after washing. Your hair dryer may also be your biggest enemy, so try air-drying your hair as often as possible to keep it healthy.

Then, to make sure that your hair stays healthy, we suggest using Bambousil! In fact, this little wonder will:

  • Help keep your hair, skin, nails and bones healthy.
  • Help strengthen your nails and hair.
  • Contribute to collagen formation.
  • Help create and distribute connective tissue.
  • Help keep your skin healthy.
  • Bring back vigour and flexibility to your hair
  • Help to strengthen weak nails.
  • Maintain your skin’s elasticity.

This supplement’s ingredients, which are 100% natural, contribute to your body’s natural production of collagen. This triggers more elasticity in the skin, and helps to maintain healthy hair and nails. The more your body produces it, the more your hair and skin will look strong and healthy. Each package contains 60 vegecaps; all you need are two per day, taken with your meals. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! In addition to its aesthetic benefits, taking BAMBOUSIL will help to keep your bones strong and healthy. In short, you’ll be looking good inside and out!

Don’t let sun and pollution damage your beautiful face. Bambousil is there to restore lustre and prevent damages, and to keep your bones strong and healthy.

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