Why are we more prone to catching the cold & flu during the winter?

Published: October 1st, 2023 | by Alexandra Leon

Whether inside our body or outside, the cold & flu alike survive better in a colder rather than hot environment. So during winter, more microbes are around for us to catch, while cocooning inside also increases the chances of cross contamination with other people. Once inside our body, not keeping warm enough can also cause them to replicate faster. So remember to dress warmly next time you go out in the cold!

What can I do to protect myself?

Most bacteria and viruses we come in contact with go through our digestive system in order to enter our body. To protect us, our body has its own set of little soldiers protecting the front line: good bacteria in our gut. These good bacteria produce an antibacterial peptide that destroy harmful gut bacteria.

Unfortunately, daily life factors like a stressful lifestyle, high sugar intake, taking antibiotics, smoking, alcohol, etc., destroy the little soldiers in our gut. That’s the reason why probiotics are so crucial: to replenish our first line of defense against foreign invaders.

Why Floractin?

We make sure our soldiers get to where they are needed. Our stomach acid resilient probiotic formula provides you with an effective 4 billion count of beneficial friendly bacteria per capsule delivered directly to your intestinal flora.

We only select soldiers that are ready for combat. Floractin is a highly effective multi strain probiotic formula. Selecting the right strains of probiotics and supplying the accurate concentration is crucial for an effective formula. Floractin will fully replenish your gut flora and enhance your immune system in order to offer you the best protection during the harsh winter months.

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