About Nutripur


Nutripur is a family-run business offering natural products to heal and optimize well-being. We specialize in the manufacturing of traditional herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. The founder, Esther Leon, has always had a passion for healthy living and has wanted to share her knowledge with others. With her deep understanding of the human body and all it complexities, Esther started Nutripur in 1989 and has consistently been creating products that address specific health problems.

Since its founding, Nutripur have been committed in offering the best herbal and nutritional formulas. Our products are a safe way to restore, sustain or improve your health in today’s hectic modern world. Easily absorbed and digested, Nutripur supplements entire line now encompasses more than 25 products which address a wide array of health concerns such as digestion, elimination, immunity, circulation, articulation, nervous system, and hormonal problems.

We guarantee every product we sell because we carefully select the highest quality of raw materials only from the most trusted producers. In addition, our manufacturing techniques preserve the natural properties of our ingredients so you can expect the most benefits. We rigorously test every single step of the manufacturing process to exceed industry standards. Our accredited laboratories watch for any toxic contaminants or heavy metals assuring the safety, purity, efficacy and quality of our products. Nutripur also refrains from using any harmful alcohol, preservatives, colours and chemical additives!

You can put your trust in Nutripur products; your health is our commitment.

“The earth gives us everything we need to heal and keep us healthy. Our task is to know our bodies and learn how to balance our necessities, weaknesses and deficiencies,”

Esther Leon, Founder of Nutripur.

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