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Published: October 1st, 2023 | by admin

If your ear is attentive to what is happening now, the terms “trans fats”, “essential fatty acids” and “omega-3s” are surely part of your vocabulary. Nutripur, which aims to increase your health naturally, helps you to see clearly through all these elements. Nutripur puts health at your fingertips thanks to a range of very effective natural products .

«Genius», for the health of your child

A good diet is the basis of a healthy life, regardless of the age of your child. But it is not always easy to make him understand and to make him eat the food that will help him in this sense.

The human body needs the right combination of vitamins and minerals, and this on a daily basis. Yet, it also needs a proper balance of omega. If it does not find it in its diet, GENIUS of Nutripur proves the intelligent choice to overcome this lack.

Designed for children and adolescents, GENIUS contains a superior quality of omega as well as nutrients necessary for the harmonious development of the organism during growth.

GENIUS for children and adolescents is beneficial for improving attention deficit and hyperactivity, concentration and memory, academic performance. Genius also helps improve cerebral and visual functions, brain, vision and hearing development as well as the development of the nervous system.

Super Omega-3 … naturally

Like your children, you can also take full advantage of omega with another product developed by Nutripur: SUPER OMEGA-3. This formula includes wild fish oils that provide adults with the daily required intake of omega-3. SUPER OMEGA-3 prevents and helps to alleviate certain health problems while addressing dietary deficiencies and imbalances due to our lifestyle.

Beneficial effects confirmed

According to scientific research, omega-3s produce positive results for problems like arthritis, depression, eczema, hypertension, excess weight and lack of libido. SUPER OMEGA-3 is beneficial for cholesterol, premenstrual symptoms and menopause, memory and concentration. Necessary for the proper functioning of the organization, the OMEGA-3 helps you enjoy life to its fullest.

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